Past Performance

Examples of our past performance include:

Cyber Security Audit @ Cheyenne Mountain

As the prime contractor for FA251717P5049, Rearden Logic performed a cyber security analysis of Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station (CMAFS). Rearden Logic personnel performed vulnerability management and vulnerability assessment and analysis.

Cyber Research on Navy EA18-G

As a subcontractor Rearden Logic performed Cyber Security Research and Development on a US Navy EA-18G Growler. Key mission tasks included electronic warfare systems knowledge, systems customization, and research testing.

Counter Space Analysis and Training

Rearden Logic has performed extensive counter-space intelligence analysis and training. Our personnel have extensive experience deploying, troubleshooting, and maintaining systems at both Buckley AFB and Schriever AFB under restricted subcontracts. Additional information can be provided via secure channels at a customer’s request.

Software Defined Radio Simulator Development & SIGINT

Rearden Logic has developed multiple SDR based signal generators including a coherent GPS/Multi GNSS simulator, as well as foreign proprietary satellite and microwave signals. On contract, Rearden Logic has reverse engineered multiple waveforms to determine signal internals. Rearden Logic applies new and proprietary signals processing technologies to increase RF access velocity. Rearden competed and placed in the DARPA SDR hackfest.

Machine Learning

Rearden Logic engineers have applied advanced statistics and machine learning to monitor critical system buses for lightweight intrusion detection and intrusion prevention.

Our commercial clients

Rearden supports and partners with cutting edge commercial technology companies keeping our engineers abreast of the latest from commercial sectors. In the past months, we have processed trillions of firewall events and migrated thousands of hosts to cloud solutions, such as AWS.