IT Services

Rearden Logic provides best-in-class IT consultancy focusing on advising businesses and organizations on how to best use information technology to meet their objectives. In addition to providing advice, Rearden Logic will estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer IT systems on our clients’ behalf.

  • Focus on the relationship: We understand the personality and expectations of our client and their organization
  • Clearly defined roles: Defined roles and responsibilities for both clients, other stakeholders and the Rearden Logic team
  • Plan success: We help our clients see the end at the beginning
  • We advise, you decide: Ultimately, we understand our client is the best person to decide for their business

We offer a variety of services to our clients to help simplify their lives by providing clarity in technical solutions for their business’ needs.

  • Cyber security focused
    Specializing in cyber security, our clients can be assured we’ve taken every measure to ensure their security as the first priority when choosing us for their IT solution provider.
  • Networks
    Rearden logic can design and troubleshoot all types of complex networks. Be it routing, switching, wireless network deployment, fiber, cabling or network time and frequency, we have you connected.
  • Cloud hosting
    Rearden Logic has migrated thousands of hosts to cloud solutions, which can provide higher-availability and lower overhead costs for your systems. Let us advise you on the potential for cloud solutions in your organization.
  • Helpdesk Support
    Let Rearden Logic take the burden of Helpdesk Support for your systems. Building a solid understanding of your systems, Rearden Logic can provide an additional layer of support for your IT department.
  • Automation
    Build more efficient business processes with the Rearden Logic team. Our insight can provide automation to complex tasks to help overcome inefficiencies in your organization or project.
  • End User Support
    Your clients often need support, and Rearden Logic can provide an extra level of support to the end user. We leverage our understanding of your organization to provide superior service in your users’ experience from onboarding to continued support for applications.
  • Technology Consulting, Resale and Deployment
    We will work with you to estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer your IT systems.
  • Legacy System Analysis/Repair/Reverse Engineering
    Rearden Logic engineers will work to analyze legacy systems for repair, reverse engineering, or interfacing to modern systems. We have extensive experience in reverse engineering a multitude of systems, which can be leveraged to modernize your IT infrastructure and security.
  • Archaeological IT

Rearden Logic excels at uncovering the undocumented to keep your operations running.

  • Call Centers/Security Operations Centers
    The team at Rearden Logic can advise and assist in the deployment and maintenance of complex call center systems, as well as security operations centers for managing your organization’s security posture.
  • Big Data Analysis
    We leverage machine learning to gain insight from large data sets. Our tools can help your organization visualize large data sets and perform statistical analysis. Splunk, ELK Stack,
  • Machine Learning
    Rearden Logic engineers have applied advanced statistics and machine learning to monitor system buses for lightweight intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services. Let us leverage this experience for your organization’s needs.