Cyber Security

The Rearden Logic edge:

Rearden logic is a national leader in reverse engineering and cyber R&D. Specifically we are specialists in atypical RF access means and methodologies. Rearden Logic differentiates itself by combining signals intelligence, signal internals detection, simulator development, payload delivery, and payload propagation and resilience post-RF in classic cyber domains.

Security Compliance with Rearden Logic

Systems Security Audits:

Rearden Logic staff have audited national level and Fortune 500 clients for standards including:

  • NIST: 800-171, CSF, 800-12, 800-14, 800-37, 800-53, 800-82
  • ISA-99

Security Compliance audits for a multitude of sectors:

  • Energy
  • Gaming
  • Finance
  • Fortune 500
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Government


Rearden Logic will work with clients to prepare them for cybersecurity threats. We will plan and advise clients on how to best mitigate the effects of cyberattacks. Rearden Logic will work with your organization to understand your environment. This analysis will be used to identify any flaws in your systems and provide countermeasures to reduce vulnerabilities and risk.

Employing the analysis of our experts, we can detect and respond to alerts, saving you from false-positives and promoting a faster internal response to threats. We also perform security audits tailored to your systems to help identify and manage risks.

Rearden Logic will work with your organization to custom-fit solutions for your on-site and cloud-based systems to help you understand potential security vulnerabilities. The Rearden Logic team will be your partner in identifying and advising solutions for mitigating risks and securing your operations.

Managed Detection and Response  

Detection and response tailored to the specific needs of your organization that eliminates alert fatigue and false positives to promote a faster response.

Managed Security Awareness

Fully-managed security awareness training that prepares employees to stop social engineering attacks through microlearning, automated phishing tests, and awareness coaching.

Penetration Testing

Rearden Logic uncovers security issues through authorized penetration testing and reporting to the system’s owner. Rearden Logic’s penetration tests will couple this information with an accurate assessment of the potential impacts to the organization. Rearden Logic will produce an outline of technical and procedural countermeasures to reduce risks.

Values of a Rearden Logic penetration test

  • Determine the feasibility of particular attack vectors
  • Identify higher-risk vulnerabilities that result from a combination of           lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in a particular sequence
  • Identify vulnerabilities that may be difficult or impossible to detect with automated network or application vulnerability scanning software
  • Assess the magnitude of potential business and operational impacts of successful attacks
  • Test the ability of network defenders to successfully detect and respond to attacks
  • Provide evidence to support increased investment in security personnel and technology

Penetration tests are a component of a full security audit. For example, the PCI DSS and HIPAA have both required penetration testing components as a part of their compliance measures.

Incident Response

When a security breach or other major issue arises, Rearden Logic is here to assist. We can help identify an incident in a timely manner, providing state of the art firewall event processing. When a credible threat is detected, we ensure the threat is contained to minimize damage to critical systems.

Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention: We have applied advanced statistics and machine learning AI to monitor critical system buses for lightweight intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services.

Security Research

We have a track record as a national leader in cyber research and development. We have a growing record of achievements, particularly in RF security. Rearden Logic specializes in exploitation, reverse engineering, simulator development, and vulnerability analysis of systems.

Rearden Logic has developed multiple SDR-based signal generators including a coherent GPS / Multi GNSS simulator, as well as foreign proprietary satellite and microwave signals. We have reverse engineered multiple waveforms to determine signal internals. Applied to our approach are new and proprietary signals processing technologies which increase RF access velocity.

Our efforts in SDR simulator development and signals intelligence has allowed us to compete and place in the DARPA SDR Hackfest.

Reverse engineering

In addition to our advanced RF reverse engineering experience, Rearden Logic also specializes in the reverse engineering of circuits, firmware, software, data links, APIs, malware and more.

We discover the technological principles of a device, object or system by analyzing its structure, function and operation. Rearden Logic can take your mechanical device, electronic component, or computer program to find its inner-workings in detail. This can be used for maintenance of legacy systems or to create a new solution without access to the original.

  • Interface systems for interoperability
  • Military countermeasures
  • Improve documentation shortcomings
  • Obsolete systems integration
  • Software modernization
  • Product security analysis to determine security shortcomings
  • Competitive technical intelligence to understand what your competitor is actually doing versus marketing.

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