Security and Reverse Engineering is all we do.
We want to be the best place in the industry to do it.

Experience in application penetration testing or source code review
Professional-caliber development experience in any programming language
Deep and driving interest in software security and systems design
Appreciated but not required: C/C++ software development, reverse engineering (x86, ARM), experience with protocol reversing and distributed systems.
For senior consultants: project and customer relationship management

Experience in modulation reverse engineering and spoofing
Professional-caliber development experience in GNURadio, REDHAWK, or similar SDR infrastructure
Appreciated but not required: Ettus, UHD, RF system implementation
For senior consultants: project and customer relationship management

Do you have a list of current open reqs?
We are always hiring  security research consultants. Really.

How much industry experience do I need to be a good fit for Rearden Logic?
We’re always happy to talk to anyone who can code or reverse engineer and is interested in security. We’re almost always hiring both junior and senior staff. At times, we may need senior people in order to bring more junior people on; we’ll always try to be up front about this.

Application Process
We try to make this quick and efficient as possible. A typical application follows the process of determining skills and interest areas, a quick (often paid) checkout project, followed by an offer for employment or consulting work.

Send an email to to get started.